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Mizan Group

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One of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh.

The legacy of Mizan GROUP is over half a century old and over the years Akij has established itself as the full of confidence and much revered industrial family of Bangladesh. It consists of 24 big concerns with diverse activities & different products.

Akij Group launched its venture as a small jute trader more than 50 years ago.

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In this era of mass production, as it is very hard to stand out with one product, Mizan Group
focuses on making the best in all sectors.

Mizan Group

The Strategies

Since then it has been progressing with tremendous pace in the industrial area of Bangladesh. A large number of people are employed by the group and cared for as members of the Akij family. The non-profit concerns are also involved in sustaining development of the country & for social welfare.

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